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Anesthesia & Dental Consent Form

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Anesthesia & Dental Consent Form

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Pre-Anesthetie Blood Work

Under 7 years of age: Chem 10/CBC/Lytes, Cost= $132 | Over 7 years of age: Chem 17/CBC/Lytes, Cost= $165

Intravenous Catheter

Your pet’s health is our primary concern. Our most effective and safest anesthetic drugs require the use of an intravenous catheter (IV) placed in the front arm vein. This will require a small area to be shaved and disinfected for TV placement. Your pet will receive intravenous fluids during the anesthetic period, which will provide for safer anesthesia a quicker recover and better pain management An IV also provides the ability to give emergency drugs immediately if needed.

Pain Management

It is our belief that pain control is necessary for patients that have surgery. Not only is it more humane to prevent pain, but it is scientifically proven to shorten the healing and recovery times after surgery. Due to differences in amounts needed by varying sized animals, the cost will vary between $45.98 and $64.13.

Microchip Implant

We can implant a permanent identification number near the shoulders of your pet. A scanner can read the ID number and should your pet become lost or stolen, Animal Control, emergency clinics and some Veterinary hospitals can identify your pet and return them to you. The cost is $84.65 (Lifetime registration available thru AVID Pet ID)

Possible Additional Costs: After an oral examination and dental radiographs we may recommend extractions. Costs for extractions will be calculated by time. For every ten minutes of oral surgery there will be a $66.55 charge.

Patient must be current on vaccinations. If not, they will get updated while under our care.

Vaccine exemptions due to health will be made per the Doctor’s discretion.


$22 $28.60

$22 $28.60

***Patients WILL get treated if fleas are present***

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**Cost for a basic dental vary accordingto stage of dental and size/weight of patient**